The Journey Continues

Hey Fathers

It’s been a while,and I won’t apologize for that,because that’s life,as I know it in the real world. I have been working 12 hr days for the last 2 weeks and will continue to do so,until we are caught up on orders.

As you know I have been waiting for my income tax assessments,so I can file my motion in court to change my existing child support agreement. Well I just found out my sister in-laws computer crashed and my income tax files were on her computer etc. So now I have to wait till her computer is fixed and then she will file the rest of of my income tax returns.

Well no one said this journey would be an easy one,and it seems there is road block at every turn lately. I also just worked shut down because I couldn’t afford not too,the rent and bills have to be paid. I sacrificed my holidays with my kids,and this has caused major depression for me. But I had no Joice in the matter,it was work or don’t eat or pay the bills etc.

When the FRO has you by the short and curly’s life can suck at times. However,with that said I have to keep a positive frame of mind and move forward on this journey. Sometimes you just want to throw in the towel,but I can’t do that and stand by and watch other fathers’ lives get destroyed because of unjust laws and government bureaucracy.

In the mean time I will be patient and wait for my sister in law to finish my taxes etc. Then I will finally be able file my papers in court and get these procedure’s under way.

Hey that’s life,as I know it in the real world.

Thanks for listening today…………………..Brian

P.S GOOD NEWS; I have a home phone now,and can a least talk to my kids on a weekly basis. My daughter is leaving tomorrow for a trip to Cape Breton Island with her mother,and my youngest son is moving back to Guelph to finish his last year at the University of Guelph.


Tuesday Morning Coffee & Ramblings/The FRO/Deadbeat Dads/Legal Aid

Hey Fathers

Fair warning guys,this is a long post(I need to vent) ; )

Are you on the FRO’S most wanted list,for not paying your child support. I was researching all the new amendments,that give the FRO more power when it comes to collecting,and enforcing child support orders/payments etc.

I don’t know, is it me or has common sense(Brain Matter) evaporated amongst the elite?,who decide on these amendments.

Thus,leaving empty space between their ears.

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Sunday Morning Coffee & Ramblings/Advice/Links’

Hey Fathers

To summarize this week, I absolutely hated it lol. I had to work shutdown,when I should have been on holidays with my kids etc. But due to financial constraints I had to work,so I can pay my rent etc this month. I had to work day shift all week,so needles to say I didn’t get anything done and I’m still waiting for my income tax assessments,so I can file my court papers to change my child support order.

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BEACH: Bizarre protest at Layton’s constituency office

I seen this on the news,and I literally started dancing around.This made my day, I also read that these gentlemen were charged etc. If you want to support these two fine gentlemen, go to the the link for fathers4justice on this blog and join.




I’m going to join myself,and support other fathers,who share in this battle to reform these laws.


Motions/Variances/Child Support

Hey Fathers

Today’s,discussion is about motions/variances to change an existing child support order. I will admit,filing a notice of motion,is a lot more complicated than it should be,and it can be a bit confusing considering all the bureaucracy, you have to go through to achieve it.

On one hand,you have the clerk’s office saying you need to use forms 14/14A/14C/6B/13/ and a copy of the table of contents for the continuing record. On the other hand the FRO, says I have to use forms 15/15A, and for once I agree with THE FRO.

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Saturday Morning Coffee & Ramblings

Hey Fathers

Due to technical problems, I was unable to post on Thursday or Friday. The good news is I have fixed the problem and I hope it doesn’t happen again anytime soon.

Well another month has passed, and I have not been able to file my notice of motion. The hold up is as usual,I’m still waiting for my income tax assessments to arrive in the snail mail.

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Wednesday Morning Coffee & Ramblings

Well it’s a rainy day,and I was woke up earlier that expected by loud music coming from the music store downstairs. I’ve been working 11 hr shifts this week and don’t get home till 3 am in the morning.


A word of caution for fathers when you write your own separation agreement. If you are doing this on amicable basis between you and your spouse with out going through the court system or using legal advice. Be very careful on how your separation agreement is worded.


Because if your spouse decides to file with the court,and it will happen. How you word your agreement could come back to haunt you in the end.

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